It's time to...

Bolster Mental Health services in all of our Schools

  • Increase access to timely mental health services provided by the VSB
  • Deepen our partnerships with service organizations including Vancouver Coastal Health 
  • Integrate existing community services and allow students to access them at school


Build Modern Facilities, Expedite Seismic Upgrades, and Create Accessible Community Space

  • Build and retrofit facilities to meet today's seismic standards and make accessibility a priority
  • Create new facilities that are urgently needed in Coal Harbour, East Fraser Lands/River District, and the Cambie Corridor
  • Advocate for rightsizing of existing facilities (construct brand new facilities) that meets the needs of present and future populations
  • Include childcare and community flex space in all seismic upgrade projects
  • Work the City of Vancouver to identify areas of growth and prepare for new school facilities in those areas prior to densification
  • Support community organizations and non-profits to rent underutilized space during school hours


Embed Youth Engagement across the School District

  • Establish a Youth Engagement and Empowerment Committee that works with Board Members and Staff 
  • Create a student-led youth engagement policy that guides student input and participation with the Board, staff, and school administrations
  • Provide more opportunities for students to engage directly with decision-makers (roundtables, workshops, youth-led forums)


Restore Funding for the Arts

  • Undo years of austerity by restoring funding for Elementary Band and Strings programs
  • Work with school Parent Advisory Councils and Music Associations to support arts programs in our schools


Deepen our Student Services and Supports

  • Adequately staff classrooms in order to restore class size and composition requirements
  • Increase services for special needs students and support Individualized Learning Plan (IEP) implementation


Expand Citizen Participation and Engagement at the Vancouver School Board

  • Allow adequate time for discussion at Standing Committee Meetings by scheduling one Committee Meeting per evening
  • Split the "Diversity Advisory Committee" back into the LGBTQ2+ Advisory Committee and Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Advisory Committee
  • Deepen our relationship and collaboration with City of Vancouver Advisory Bodies who have relevant mandates to the Vancouver School Board
  • Increase oversight and accountability by supporting the Vancouver School Board's pursuit of livestreaming and video archiving of Board and Committee Meetings
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